Ever since I got my first camera I have been intrigued by this mechanism that has the power to capture a moment from real life and freeze it in time. By the age of twelve I knew what I wanted to do in life and that involved having a camera in my hand, one way or another. From that moment on, my camera has become my third eye and my art the one that looks at the world and reinterprets objects, people and moments in a totally distinct perspective.

The moments I capture have a strong meaning to me and I love how photography, as an art form, can be interpreted in diverse ways; how it can either be totally meaningless or cause an array of feelings simultaneously. My subjects tend to be things that I am closely related to. I always photograph people which play an important part in my life, such as friends and family. I feel its different to photograph things when you have a stronger connection with it or them. I love travelling to places I find fascinating and this is mainly when I photograph my Landscapes.

I use photography as the base medium to my art. I try and manipulate or combine things within photography. I like how you can pretty much do anything you can imagine with photography by adding or taking away elements. Things like adding text, painting onto the images, making books, creating my own photographic paper or over exposing negatives are a few of the things I’ve done with my work. I work both in Digital and Analogue photography as this gives me an even wider range of options. I have also tried to develop the way I present my images. I have exhibited them mainly in the typical format, framed, but have also tried different technics such as in book form or just simply pinning them onto a wall.

Artists such as Peter Beard and his way of collaging, Scarlett Hooft Graafland and her use of colour, Helena Almeida and her combination of paint and photography and Jerry Uelsmann and his Juxtapositions have all been a motivation for my recent work.

My aim is not to merely take pictures but to make photographic art. I intend to capture the essence of emotions with my photographs. Whether that be in an ambiguous way or not.  Making art is an amazing process, but I still have many techniques to learn, processes to figure out and countless studies until I find the prefect way to capture and evoke emotions in one single shot.