Faded Identities 2016

The idea behind this project was to combine the past and the present in one single image. In other words, a juxtaposition. I wanted to develop this idea and create a project expressing the topic of identity and how different people have changed or how they perceive their identity to be.

To do so I gathered images of people when they where younger and combined them with images I shot of them in the present. I used the darkroom to manipulate the images by attaching two negatives together in the enlarger and double exposing. To create the “perfect” composition I have repositioned the images and cropped whatever was remaining. As some of the images were in digital format or from family albums I have photographed them using the copy stand to have them in negative format.

Again, this project plays with the idea of identity, which is defined by the characteristics’ that determine who or what a person or thing is. As we grow older life shapes our identities in different ways, yet we are always attached to the “core” identity we had in the past. Even if we feel sometimes that our past identities fade, they never do. These images are not sharp and so it seems like the faces that represent these characters old and new are blending within each other. And just like everyone’s individual identity these images are originals and there is none like the other. I wanted to be able to express this visually and make people question and understand their identities better.Vic 4005 editedVic 6007 editedVic 10011-RecoveredVic 8009-RecoveredVic 7008 editedVic 13014-Recovered